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Save Those Pumpkin Scraps! DIY Spa Recipes

Halloween is near and among the many things the spooky holiday brings—like costumes, trick or treating, parties and crisp fall nights—are pumpkins and chocolates galore. Instead of letting those prized pumpkins go to waste or unconsciously eating your entire stash of Halloween chocolate once the holiday is said and done, use it in some decadent and truly beneficial DIY spa recipes!



Breast Cancer Awareness Recipe: Cal-a-Vie’s Blueberry Mousse

We love hearing about the benefits of blueberries; not only are they delicious and easy to eat, but eating blueberries may inhibit breast cancer tumor growth, according to a recent study published in the October 2011 issue of The Journal Of Nutrition. Try this quick and simple recipe for Blueberry Mousse from Cal-a-Vie in Vista, California.