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4 Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Digestion

Survivor and spiritual seeker, the dynamic Vaishali has harnessed her years of learning and well-earned wisdom to become an international health and wellness speaker. Here, Vaishali offers 4 simple Ayurvedic tips to improve digestion.



The New Fitness: Exergaming

In exergaming the body, rather than just a handheld device, propels the game forward. One of the first popular videogames to combine body movement and video gaming was Dance Dance Revolution, a fixture of Japanese and American arcades in the early 2000s.



Feel Better at Work, The Pilates Way

It is a familiar modern requirement: Do more work in fewer hours. Never has it been more necessary to work smarter, not harder.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Pilates is still one of the fastest-growing exercise techniques and is resonating with the overworked. It is not so much about repetition of movement as it is the quality of movement. “