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Colorado Gov Addresses NYC Soda Ban at GSWS

Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado (the leanest state in the U.S.) advocated prevention in health care and addressed NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s giant soda ban at The Global Spa Summit. What’s your take on the war on super-sized sugary drinks?

Matachica Resort and Spa - Belize

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Belize 2012: Land & Sea Adventures in the Year of the Maya

Home of diverse cultures and thriving, preserved ecosystems, Belize has recently gained great popularity for sustainable tourism and outdoor adventure, particularly for honeymooners, divers and snorkelers. Our senior editor toured parts of Belize earlier this year (2012 is the much-buzzed-about Year of the Maya) for a land and sea adventure.



3 Minutes in the Cold Sauna: 6 Months of Relief?

Saunas and steam rooms are par for the spa-going course, but the cold sauna is a new spa trend — set at a temp of -166°F/-110C! Why would you want to go and do that, you ask? Our senior editor explains the staggering healthy benefits and shares her exhilarating experience at Wellness Week partner Sparkling Hill, home of North America’s first cold sauna.

Mariel Hemingway Unveils The Wellness Week Pledge on Capitol Hill

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Ms. Hemingway Goes to Washington

Advocating wellness for all, Mariel Hemingway, Academy Award®-nominated actress and national spokesperson for 2012 Wellness Week™, led sponsor SpaFinder’s kickoff event and unveiled The Wellness Week Pledge in Washington, D.C., last week in the company of congressional leaders and wellness advocates.



7 Habits for a Healthier, Happier You – Take the Wellness Week Pledge

Most of us regularly strive to be the very best version of ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly how on a daily basis. To help you put one foot in front of the other, and to kick off Wellness Week, March 19-25, we’ve announced The Wellness Week Pledge – 7 Habits for a Healthier, Happier You. We’re giving you super-simple ways to commit to your wellbeing.

Montage Deer Valley

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A Montage Mountain Surrender

Before the powder snow had arrived at Montage Deer Valley, a luxury resort and skier’s paradise, our Senior Editor spent a weekend of wellness amidst the majestic alpine terrain as she was “reset” from sluggish to whole. Spa Montage’s dynamic “Surrender” program takes an integrative, individualized approach drawing on the idea that “from powerful land comes powerful healing.”

Elbow Beach Bermuda

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Seaside R&R at Elbow Beach Bermuda

The soft pink sand, warm waters, fantastic food, modern accommodations and premier spa make Elbow Beach a standout boutique hotel — the first hotel on the island’s South Shore, just minutes from happening Hamilton, the capital and heart of Bermuda.

Hilton Head Health

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The Pioneer Spas: Hilton Head Health

We love this destination’s bold, unpretentious admission: “More than a fat farm!” Indeed, this South Carolina seashore retreat has changed thousands of lives with their smartly conceived program of calorie reduction and personal attention to mind/body fitness. We salute them for their inspiration and education.

The Oaks at Ojai

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The Pioneer Spas: The Oaks at Ojai

For years we’ve been completely charmed by this down-to-earth, Southern California gem, located in the healthy-minded valley town of Ojai. The Oaks has been welcoming guests for over three decades with its top-notch nutritional and fitness programs and spa treatments. We also love how new habits are forged here—affordably.